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Ending a Relationship Due to Infidelity

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The decision whether or not to end a relationship due to a partner’s infidelity is an extremely personal and complex one, encompassing several nuances related to the particular circumstance at hand and the degree of intimate commitment that was violated. Some factors to keep in mind when making this painful decision include: the extent to which your partner was unfaithful, including the timeline and frequency of their cheating, whether or not he or she was intoxicated or engaged in other problematic behaviors that might have influenced the situation, and to what degree the unfaithful partner...

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Lessons From an Affair

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Though affairs are doubtlessly destructive to committed relationships, marriages can sometimes be made stronger through the tribulations of infidelity, writes psychologist Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D. In order for any good to come of an affair though, certain responses and actions must happen. Healing and recovery can only begin if the unfaithful partner admits to, and is remorseful for, their transgressions. The other partner must also be allowed safe and open expression of their painful feelings as well as validation, in order to process their complex emotional state in the aftermath....

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