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Are You Seeking Online Counseling For Repairing Your Relationship?

Have recent events in your life made it difficult—or impossible—to seek in-person therapy? Do you live in a rural community with little access to traditional couples counseling and want help restoring your marriage online? Are you looking for a more convenient alternative to making stressful or long commutes for in-person counseling sessions? 

Perhaps you and your spouse are separated geographically because of your careers or military service, but you still want help dealing with relationship issues. Or maybe one of you is working and traveling so much that traditional therapy simply isn’t an option.

Life is full of ups and downs, and the stress of dealing with a job loss, a change in your health, or any other difficult life transition can easily spill over into your relationship. And when people are in crisis, parenting differences, communication issues, and financial problems can all get blown out of proportion. Plus, if you have already been dealing with intimacy issues, infidelity, or other marriage problems, the added uncertainty and fear of the future can exacerbate those old wounds.

Fortunately, online couples counseling can offer you convenient, reliable support from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are seeking relationship counseling as an individual, guidance as a couple, or support as you navigate separation or divorce, I can help. 

The Need For And Use Of Online Therapy Is On The Rise

Video conferencing platforms and related technologies have made the use of teletherapy services increasingly common and accessible. There have also been well-designed studies demonstrating that it is just as effective as traditional in-person sessions. Given our busy lifestyles and differing needs as individuals, online mental health services are expected to become more popular over time.

If you are already struggling to make connections or deal with stress in a relationship, counseling can help you find ways of coping and moving forward. And if you are beginning to see cracks in your marriage or relationship as a couple, now is the perfect time to use these early warning signs to repair your relationship and enhance your connection by talking to a therapist online.

Online Counseling Offers A Convenient Alternative To Traditional Services 

Virtual counseling provides a safe, supportive environment for people to talk about relationship issues without fear or judgment. It’s especially useful in times of crisis or when traditional therapy is not possible. And because online sessions can be conducted from the comfort of home, it removes a barrier that can make in-office therapy difficult for some people. Plus, the added flexibility of working from wherever you are most at ease makes caring for yourself and your relationships more convenient than ever.

I ask that all new clients come in for at least one in-person appointment so we can make sure that teletherapy is right for you. Of course, this isn’t always possible. If you live too far away, are housebound, or if there is a national emergency, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m more than willing to make exceptions.

Some couples and individuals find the relational aspect of therapy very appealing, so meeting exclusively in-person or combining options may be something that speaks to you. Other clients may enjoy working remotely without having to come into the office at all—once we have met face-to-face. Either way, online sessions are the perfect adjunct or introduction to in-person sessions and a dependable resource for when traditional therapy is unavailable or unfeasible.

For the most part, online and in-person sessions are the same. We’ll talk about the challenges you are facing in your relationship and what you ultimately want to get out of counseling. And we’ll discuss how therapy works and what treatment options speak to you as a person or a couple. 

Once we schedule your appointment, you’ll be given access to a secure online client portal called SimplePractice. This integrated practice management platform ensures that everything from your new client paperwork to our video stream to the billing process is HIPAA compliant. In some cases, if you are using an IOS or Android platform, you may have to download a free app for the waiting room, but I can help you with that too. Because of SimplePractice’s versatility, couples don’t have to be in the same physical location for a teletherapy session; you can join from different rooms in your home or even from different cities.

I’ve been helping individuals and couples enjoy more fulfilling lives since 2001. Throughout my career, I have supplemented my experience with years of continuing education in working with couples and relationship problems. And in 2020, I completed specialized continued education training in the Ethical Provision of Telehealth Services. 

With your commitment to positive change, almost anything is possible. You can learn how to communicate peacefully, argue in healthy ways, and advocate for yourself effectively. In time, you can resolve tension and learn how to cultivate greater empathy, understanding, and acceptance for both yourselves and each other.

Perhaps you are considering online therapy but still have some questions…

Are online sessions effective and are they for everyone?

Research has shown that online therapy is an excellent alternative to traditional therapy sessions; it is just as effective and has several added benefits. But it may not be appropriate for everyone, including people who are experiencing mental health emergencies or who are in danger of being harmed. We will decide together when you begin counseling if teletherapy is right for you. Here are some resources you can use if you are in crisis and need immediate help. 

If you are experiencing an emergency or threat to your life, please call 911. If you are in a domestic violence situation, contact the First Step Crisis Hotline at 800-658-2683. Or if you feel at risk for self-harm or suicide, please call the Helen Farabee Crisis Hotline at 800-621-8504 for immediate, compassionate assistance. 

I’m not that internet savvy, so how confidential is online counseling and how does it work?

All of my sessions are completely confidential and HIPAA-compliant just as they would be in-person. And if you are concerned about the technical aspect of online sessions, you needn’t worry. Online counseling sessions only require a stable internet connection, a space that is free of distractions, and a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Although you may have to download an app for using an iPhone or Android device, it’s completely free and easy to use as well.

Are online therapy services expensive and will insurance cover them?

Although I do not accept insurance, I offer standard rates that are the same whether we are meeting in-person or online. So there’s no additional cost for online sessions. I offer reduced fees to students and military service members. And under very special circumstances, I work with people who really desire my services but cannot always afford it. And by eliminating travel times, child care expenses, and time off from work, talking to a therapist online is both more affordable and convenient.

Let Me Help You Find Peace In Yourself And Your Relationships

If you live in the state of Texas and are looking to improve your life or strengthen your marriage, please call 940-631-6620 for your free, 20-minute consultation to see how online counseling can help you.

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