Myths vs Truth the Buzz about Vibrators

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Are you confused about what’s fact and what’s fiction about vibrators?

There are so many myths about vibrators and half-truths about these devices, as well as the reasons why women use them. Yet, for both women and couples, vibrators can be an important tool for intimacy and achieving orgasm.

The Numbers Behind the Truth

One hard fact is that for many women it is actually very difficult for them to reach orgasm. Here are some hard numbers:

  • Only 25% of women achieve orgasm via vaginal stimulation and intercourse.
  • 50% of women sometimes achieve orgasm
  • 20% of women seldom or rarely achieve orgasm
  • 5% never have an orgasm

These numbers hold true regardless of how long intercourse lasts, the size of their partner’s penis or a vibrator, or for how they feel about their partner. The reality is that it has to do with clitoral stimulation. Penetration by itself simply does not provide enough stimulation for a woman to achieve orgasm. This is a problem because sex is obviously an important way for couples to feel closer and intimate. A vibrator can help these couples to achieve orgasm.

How Many Women Use Vibrators?

Even though 53% of women report using a vibrator, there are still lots of myths and misunderstanding surrounding their use. For example, there is a common misconception that women who use vibrators must be “losers.” Yet that’s isn’t true at all! In fact, 50% of married women use a vibrator compared to single women.

There Must Be Something Wrong if You Use a Vibrator

Also not true! Women who used vibrators reported greater sexual desire, less discomfort, and better sexual satisfaction than those who didn’t use vibrators. Using these devices actually enhanced their sexual experience vs. detracting from it.  

There Must Be Something Wrong with Their Partner

This is so not true! A woman can have a range of experiences with their partner. For many women, they are perfectly capable of achieving orgasm with their partner. It’s just that some take longer than others to reach that level. Really, this is about achieving stimulation for the woman, not their partner’s capabilities.

There is also a falsehood that you can somehow become addicted to your vibrator. Consider for a moment, does a carpenter become addicted to their power tools? Of course not!

It’s Unnatural to Use a Vibrator

A vibrator is just like any other object that is used for erotic enhancement. Other objects used for sexual pleasure include:

  • Lingerie
  • Oils
  • Perfumes

Even chocolate has been used to enhance the sexual experience!

Myths about Vibrators:  Replacing the Partner

There is a belief that if a woman uses a vibrator, they will eventually replace their partner with the device. This is another one of those myths about vibrators. A vibrator is simply a tool for stimulation and reaching orgasm.

A relationship, especially one that is loving, caring, and fulfilling is so much more than stimulation. A vibrator cannot listen to your concerns, emotionally support you when you need it, or share with you a life filled with love. For that, you need a partner who is willing to share those experiences with you.

Talking to Someone

If you are still troubled or concerned about using a vibrator, consider seeing a therapist who specializes in sexual issues. A therapist will be able to listen to your concerns and help you to understand how vibrators can help with your sexual health.  

There are many myths about vibrators out there. However, don’t get sucked into these misunderstandings and myths. Get the facts and if you are still concerned don’t hesitate to talk to a therapist.

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