How to Identify a Fake Dating Profile: 4 Warning Signs & 3 Tips

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Dating via the internet can be an exciting way to find someone or spark a new relationship. However, online dating also means putting yourself out there by posting information about who you are, your interests, etc. You might think that other posters have the same intent. Yet, many publish fake profiles to take advantage of you. Here’s how to identify a fake dating profile and what to do about it.

Profiles That Say Too Much or Too Little

Most dating apps have questions to complete. These questions help potential daters get to know your personality a little before they reach out. A fake profile often leaves these questions blank or will only answer some of the questions. Also, be sure to watch out for profiles that seem to match yours perfectly. It is likely that they did some research to make their profile as appealing as possible to you.

Random or Unfamiliar Links

If someone sends you a link for something other than their social media account, don’t click on it! Watch out for messages titled “Hey check this out” with an unfamiliar link included too. They are trying to see if you will let your guard down to share personal information or send money.

Asking for Money

If the person you are messaging starts asking you to send money or buy them things, beware. A common scam involves asking you to send money or items because they are out of the country and cannot access these things from their location. Most of all, never give out your financial information to someone you recently met, no matter how much you like them!

Too Early Too Fast

The person on the other end of a chat might ask to meet you in person very soon after you start communicating. Usually, people on dating platforms will get to know one another through messaging and phone/video calls before meeting face-to-face. If you feel rushed or sense that it’s too soon to meet in person, trust your instincts. It is likely that they are looking for something different than you are if they want to meet right away.

How to Identify a Fake Dating Profile: Do a “Reverse Image” Search

Scammers will often use photos of real people to build a fake dating profile. A reverse image search can help you determine if the photos attached to the profile are actually from the person you think you are communicating with. You can go to to accomplish this. If the photos of your new friend are associated with accounts that belong to other people, you need to pass on continuing your relationship.

Keep an Eye Out for Inconsistencies

Always be on alert for inconsistencies between what a person’s profile says and what they are communicating to you. For example, pay attention if a person tells you that they are employed in a certain profession but their profile says something different or they don’t have a LinkedIn profile. That’s a red flag that something wrong and their profile is fake.

Trust Your Gut for Spotting a Fake Dating Profile

Finally, if you suspect a profile is fake, it probably is. Sometimes the profile or the messages you are getting just don’t feel right, even if you can’t explain what seems off. Pay attention and don’t ignore your instincts.

It can be disheartening and frustrating to learn that the profile of a potential dater is fake.  However, don’t let that hold you back from dating.  Understand how to identify a fake dating profile and what to do about it.  Remember, dating is a process. Sometimes you will encounter a few dead ends.  

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